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Department of Computer Science & Engineering

System Lab

Practical Courses Conducted

Sl. No. Programme Semester Course Code & Name Description                                              
1 UG Fifth (S5) 2K6CS 508(P) Systems Lab In this course the students perform experiments like implementation of inter process communication techniques, process synchronization, deadlock prevention algorithm (Banker’s algorithm), simulation of process scheduling algorithms and memory page replacement techniques.
2 UG Sixth (S6) 2K6CS 608(P) Compiler Lab The students perform experiments related to the implementation of the various phases of compiler design like design of lexical analyzer, different types of parser design, design of type checker, generation of Intermediate code, code generator, code optimization techniques, and finally writing a compiler for a subset of language features.

Major Equipments:

Sl. No. Description Quantity
1 Desktop Computers(HP Elite Intel Core i7) 68
2 Projector (Epson LCD Multimedia Projector) 01
3 Smart Board 01

Major Software:

Type Description
Programming language tools & packages : gcc (for C & C++ programming), lex & yacc tools
Database Packages: MySQL
Platform used : Ubuntu 14.04