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Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Graphics and Multimedia Lab

Practical Courses Conducted

Sl. No. Programme Semester Course Code & Name Description                           
1 UG Seventh (S7) 2K6CS 706(P) Graphics & Multimedia Lab The students perform experiments to implement scan conversion algorithms for line, circle & ellipse, 2D transformations, line clipping algorithms, 3D transformations, text and image compression, animation basics, and learn image editing software basics.
2 UG First (KTU S1) CS110 Computer Science Workshop The students learn to develop programs in python programming language as part of this course.
3 UG Fourth (KTU S4) CS232 Free and Open Source Software Lab The students learn basic and advanced linux commands, shell scripting, use tools like GIT, GTK, QT, setting LAMP stack, using packages like deb and rpm, linux kernel configuration, compilation, and installation, installing packages like SAMBA and CUPS.

Major Equipments:

Sl. No. Description Quantity
1 Desktop Computers 36
2 Network Server (DELL Power Edge-910, 2*Intel Xeon : 1 No and HP DL 360e, Intel Xeon : 1 No) 02
3 Projector (Benq LCD Multimedia Projector) 01
4 Network Switch (Dlink 24-port) 02

Major Software:

Type Description
Programming language tools & packages : gcc (for C & C++ programming), libgraph (for C graphics programming)
Database Packages: MySQL
Platform used : Ubuntu 14.04