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Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Sl. No. Name of Research Scholar Name of Supervisor Research Area
1 Sheena K. Dr. Bindu P. V. To develop a system for site specific weed management and selective application of herbicides for densely cultivated crops using data analytics approaches. Crops may be affected by weeds at any stage of plant growth. The weeds compete with crops in absorbing water, sunlight, and nutrition. To prevent the loss of crop yield, weeds to be detected and controlled at the early stage.
2 Jijiya R. P. Dr. Rafeeque P. C. Early detection of ocular disease is of prime concern for better vision and thereby enhancing the quality of life.The retinal fundus images are commonly used for detection and analysis. Here the main objective is multi-label classification of eye diseases in a hierarchical way using time series data by making use of explainable AI.
3 Jyothsna S Mohan Dr. Rafeeque P. C. Malayalam is in its developing stage to build structured linguistic and technological resources. Malayalam has done less work compared to some other Indian languages and European languages. Malayalam language resources can then be embedded in applications, devices, and services that will eventually support highly effective communication solutions across language barriers flexibly. Innovative language processing techniques modify Malayalam as a full-fledged digitized language. Deep learning is a great tool to parse complex noisy unstructured text and build meaningful models to solve specific NLP problems. Exploring Deep learning models to solve NLP problems in Malayalam domain.