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Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Project Lab

Practical Courses Conducted

Sl. No. Programme Semester Course Code & Name Description                                              
1 UG Seventh (S7) 2K6CS 708(P) Mini Project Each student group (not more than 5 members in a group) is expected to develop a complete software product using the software engineering techniques
2 UG Eighth (S8) 2K6CS 807(P) Project Each student group consisting of not more than four members is expected to develop a complete product , the design and development of which may include hardware and /or software

Major Equipments:

Sl. No. Description Quantity
1 Desktop Computers (HP Desktop Intel Core i7 4GB memory, 500 GB HDD, with 18.5" LED moniter) 26
2 Projector (Benq LCD Multimedia Projector) 01
3 Fixed Point ASP Kit (TMS320C 6416 SL122,012,056) 03
4 FGPA Board (ZYNQ - 7000 SoC) 01
5 Network Switch (Dlink 24 port) 02

Major Software:

Type Description
Programming language tools & packages : Java SE, gcc (for C & C++ programming), PHP, Python
Database Packages: MySQL
Platform used : Ubuntu 14.04