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Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Department Advisory Board Committee

The Department Advisory Board (DAB) plays a crucial role in guiding and supporting the Department of Computer Science to fulfill its mission of cultivating engineers with exceptional analytical, design, and implementation skills. These engineers are also encouraged to uphold ethical and societal responsibilities in a competitive global environment. The board comprises experts from diverse backgrounds, including academia, industry, alumni, parents, and faculty representatives from the Department. The DAB holds meetings to discuss and contribute to the refinement and finalization of the department's Vision, Mission, and Program Educational Objectives (PEOs). Additionally, the board provides valuable suggestions to enhance the academic activities within the department.

The current members of the DAB are

  • Dr. Bindu P V, Associate Professor & Head, Dept. of CSE GCE Kannur.( Ex-officio member as HoD)
  • Dr. K.A Abdul Nazeer, Professor, Dept. of CSE, NIT Calicut(Educational Expert from outside)
  • Dr. Shajee Mohan B.S, Professor in ECE, Dept. of ECE GCE Calicut.( Educational Expert from outside)
  • Sri. Roopak A N, Engineering Lead, Airbase Inc.( Expert from Industry)
  • Sri. Sudheesh. P, Application Development Manager, Oracle India Development Centre, Trivandrum(Expert from Industry)
  • Sri. Ranjith P.N, Engineering Manager, Apple, Munich, Germany(Distinguished Alumnus)
  • Sri. Babu. T., Thayyalappil House, Mokeri (po), Panoor (Parent)
  • Sri. Pradeep Kumar Paloran, Athulyam, Kadirur (PO), Ponniam East , Thalassery(Parent)
  • Dr. Vinod Kumar, Professor in ECE, GCE Kannur(Senior Faculty from Other Dept)
  • Dr. Rafeeque P C, Professor in CSE, GCE Kannur(Dept Faculty )