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Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Google Developer Student Clubs

GDSCs are community groups within universities and colleges, bringing together students with a shared interest in technology, programming, and innovation. After a thorough selection process, Carolene Joy of CSE Department was selected as the Campus Lead of GDSC GCEK. Along with the core team, she started the GDSC chapter here at GCEK in 2022.
Under the banner of "Learn, Grow, and Connect," GDSC GCEK organized a multitude of activities and events aimed at inspiring students and fostering a strong enthusiasm for the pursuit of technology.
For the year 2023, Vaishak Suresh of CSE Department got selected as the new Campus Lead, making us all proud.


An inaugural session was conducted online via google meet on Oct 21st 2022.This session introduced GDSC to the campus and a brief overview of the club and its goals were made familiar with the students


An orientation session was conducted on 26th October,2022 for the first years who joined the campus.Through this session the newly joined students got to know about the club and its future goals.

3.GCCP (Google Cloud Career Practitioner Campaign)

The “Google Cloud Career Practitioner Campaign (GCCP) “ provided the students an opportunity to kickstart their learning on cloud technology and implement the learning by building projects on the Google Cloud console.

4.Intro to Git & Gitops

On 27th Feb 2023, GDSC GCEK conducted an introductory class on Git & Gitops.This session gave students the exposure to the much needed and widely used Git and ways to navigate it

5.Solutions Challenge ‘23

On 7th March, 2023 GDSC GCEK conducted an info session on the global level competition “Solutions Challenge ‘23”.This challenge required students from around the world to build a solution to a local problem using Google technologies, in accordance with one or more of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

6.How to pitch your ideas to the crowd?

On 18th March, 2023, as a part of “GDSC TALKS” an online session via Google Meet was conducted on “How to pitch your ideas to the crowd”. This talk session was conducted to give students an idea on how to effectively and precisely communicate their thoughts and ideas to an audience.

7.Getting started with Solidity

On 20th March, 2023 GDSC GCEK conducted an introductory session on the Solidity programming language via Google Meet. This session introduced the students of GCEK to Solidity programming language basics and provided a hands-on session as well. It equipped students the knowledge to explore the field of Blockchain Development and Smart Contracts.

8.Let’s Ideate

“Let’s Ideate” was an idea-pitching competition conducted by GDSC for the students of GCEK. The theme given was “Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development”.The abstract submission deadline was 21st March, 2023.

9.Web Development Workshop

On 1st April, 2023 a one-day offline workshop was conducted by GDSC for the students of GCEK.This was an introductory program on the basics of Web Development.It equipped the students the knowledge to kickstart their journey to becoming a Web Developer.The students were asked to bring laptops and hands-on practice was given alongside the learning.

10. Introduction to Machine Learning

On 12th April, 2023 GDSC GCEK conducted an online session via Google Meet on the topic “Intro to Machine Learning”.This class introduced the students to the world of Machine Learning and helped them understand the basics of how everything worked.AI and ML being the future, this class exposed the students to a new world of developer possibilities.

11. Flutter Forward

On 19th April, 2023 a Flutter Bootcamp called “Flutter Forward” was conducted by GDSC for the students of GCEK.This bootcamp focused on teaching the students the basics of the Flutter Framework and Dart programming language used for Mobile App Development.