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Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Graphics and Multimedia Lab

Practical Courses Conducted

Sl. No. Programme Semester Course Code & Name Description                                              
1 UG Third (S3) 2K6CS 306(P) Programming Lab In this course the students are taught C and Java programming
2 UG Fifth (S5) 2K6CS 507(P) Programming Environment Lab In this course the students are taught C++ and the functional language named LISP
3 UG Second(KTU S2) 110 Computer Programming Lab The students learn concepts of C programming language through exercises. They also implement the data structures and algorithms studied in Computer Programming course using C language
4 UG Third (KTU S3) CS231 Data Structures Lab The students learn to implement basic linear and non-linear data structures using C programming language. They also learn implementation of various searching and sorting algorithms, implementation of graphs, and hashing techniques.

Major Equipments:

Sl. No. Description Quantity
1 Desktop Computers 36
2 Workstation (Fujitsu Intel Zeon) 01
3 Network Server (HCL Dual Intel Xeon 3.6 Ghz) 01
4 Projector (Benq LCD Multimedia Projector) 01
5 Network Switch (Dlink 24 port) 02
6 Network Switch (Dlink 16 port) 02
7 Smart board (Benq Smart board) 01

Major Software:

Type Description
Programming language tools & packages Java SE, gcc (for C & C++ programming), Python, LISP
Platform used : Ubuntu 14.04