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Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Network and Info Security LabNetworks and Information Security Lab

Practical Courses Conducted

Sl. No. Programme Semester Course Code & Name Description                                              
1 UG Sixth (S6) 2K6CS 607(P) Networks & DBMS Lab The students perform experiments like implementation of TCP, UDP, POP3, SMTP, installation of web server, mail server configuration, simulation of medium access protocols, and study of different routing algorithms. Execution of DDL and DML statements, creating and dropping views, implementation of cursor, trigger, procedures, and functions.
2 UG Seventh (S7) 2K6CS 707(P) Internet and Web Programming Lab The students perform programming exercises using technologies like Servlets, JDBC, Java Sockets, Javascript, and PHP

Major Equipments:

Sl. No. Description Quantity
1 Desktop Computers 36
2 Workstation (Fujitsu Intel Zeon, 8GB Memory, 500 GB HDD) 01
3 Projector (Benq LCD Multimedia Projector) 01
4 Network Switch (Dlink 24-port) 02

Major Software:

Type Description
Network Packages : NS-2, Qualnet
Programming language tools & packages : Java SE, gcc (for C & C++ programming), MSDN Academic Alliance 7.0, Visual Studio 6.0
Database Packages: MySQL, SQL STD Server 2006
Platform used : Ubuntu 14.04