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Department of Computer Science & Engineering


The department offers exclusive lab facilities for conducting lab-associated courses of our undergraduate program.

1. Programming Paradigms Lab : The aim of this lab is to acquaint students with the fundamental concepts and principles of computer programming using various languages such as C, Java, and more. With 36 PCs available, the lab facilitates interactive experiments, providing students with a valuable opportunity to learn and grasp the basic concepts and structures of computer programming effectively. Through hands-on experience and practical engagement, students can enhance their understanding and proficiency in programming, paving the way for a strong foundation in the subject.

2. Network and Information Security Lab : The primary purpose of this laboratory is to furnish the necessary infrastructure for conducting regular labs such as Network lab and Data structures lab. The lab is well-equipped with a Dell Power Edge Server and desktops, and software, including Linux and compilers for C, C++, and more.

3. Hardware Lab : The department's hardware laboratory is furnished with resources to stimulate students' interest and enhance their comprehension of computer hardware and peripherals. It employs devices such as 8086 Microprocessor Trainer kits , 8051 Microcontrollers, Digital IC Trainer kits, stepper motor , PCIX etc to offer hands-on experience in fundamental hardware concepts.

4. Project Lab : The lab is mainly dedicated to Final year and Pre-final year students for their main project and mini project works. It is equipped with 32 PCs, 32 laptops, and an HP workstation, catering to their project requirements as well as conducting the Operating Systems lab.

5. Systems Lab : The lab is utilized for conducting various courses, including Database Management Systems Lab, System Software Lab, and Compiler Lab. It boasts a total of 68 Intel i5 Desktops and is also equipped with a smart TV.

6. Research Lab : The Research Lab is instrumental in cultivating a research-driven educational culture, inspiring and encouraging students to engage in research projects, publish papers, and take part in conferences and competitions. This lab is equipped with 2 Fujitsu Celsius workstations, which serve as essential tools for conducting research and project work, especially in the domains of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

7. Central Computing Facility : The facility acts as the central hub of computing resources, accessible to all departments and offices within the College. It is a fully furnished lab room, equipped with cutting-edge ICT devices and technologies. The lab houses 72 high-end desktop PCs, as well as other accessories such as printers and scanners, catering to the academic requirements of our students.

Moreover, this facility plays a crucial role in organizing seminars, workshops, training sessions, and online examinations, contributing to the comprehensive development of both staff and student communities.