The description of the college remains incomplete without a mention of the Central Technical Library, the main information bank for the students and the faculty. The library has a main lending section consisting of over 23000 books and a reference section of another 2000 books covering, beside the core branch subjects, topics on management, computer, higher education and industry.


      It subscribes to a range of journals and periodicals of national as well as international repute. There is also an audio-visual section in the library, which maintains videocassettes and CD-ROMS on an array of engineering topics and lectures by eminent personalities. In addition, another branch of the library stocks the project and seminar reports of students. Provision for a separate section devoted to arts and literature is also available.

      Non technical section includes a literature section consisting of Malayalam and English works and a wide range of encyclopedias , year books , dictionaries and books providing skills on management, personality development etc.

      "Besides the central library, each departments have their own 'Departmental Libraries'."

      Department of electrical and electronics takes the centre stage in this section by bringing up a library of IEEE,which helps us join with our counter parts around the globe. We are fortunate enough to have subscription of 30 journals of IEEE including spectrum etc.Electronics association also supports a technical library consisting journals and texts on electronics.

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