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Department of Physical Education

About Department

The Department of Physical Education at GCEK aims to provide a comprehensive program for development of students and faculty through physical activities by emphasizing the relationship between physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and social well-being. It involves training and participation in different intramural and extramural sports activities, fitness training, and organizing and conduct of various sporting events at college and university levels. The activities of the department are particularly intended to enable the students to participate and perform to the fullest extent in various sporting endeavours, as well as to provide students with an understanding of the rules, regulations and strategies of different sports and to promote their harmonious development as a responsible citizen.


A centre to instill the concepts of physical fitness among engineering students so as to help them maintain sound physical and mental health and achieve great societal goals.


To provide adequate physical education facilities and practices for the development of the health and wellbeing of the engineering students.

Head of Department

Dr. Jasmine Joseph

HOD, Physical Education