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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics Workshop

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Electronics workshop gives basic introduction of electronic hardware systems and provides hands – on training with familiarization, identification, testing, assembling, dismantling, fabrication, and repairing such systems by making use of the various tools and instruments available in the electronics workshop.

Location : C Block
Room No : CB-05
Area : 1044 sq.feet

1. Familiarization/Identification of electronic components with specification (Functionality, type, size, colour coding, package, symbol, cost etc. [Active, Passive, Electrical, Electronic, Electro- mechanical, Wires, Cables, Connectors, Fuses, Switches, Relays, Crystals, Displays, Fasteners, Heat sink etc.)

2. Drawing of electronic circuit diagrams using BIS/IEEE symbols.

3. Familiarization/Application of testing instruments and commonly used tools. [Multimeter, Function generator, Power supply, DSO etc.] [Soldering iron, Desoldering pump, Pliers, Cutters, Wire strippers, Screw drivers, Tweezers, Crimping tool, Hot air soldering and de- soldering station etc.]

4. Testing of electronic components [Resistor, Capacitor, Diode, Transistor and JFET using multimeter.]

5. Inter-connection methods and soldering practice. [Bread board, Wrapping, Crimping, Soldering - types - selection of materials and safety precautions, soldering practice in connectors and general purpose PCB, Crimping.]

6. Printed circuit boards (PCB) [Types, Single sided, Double sided, PTH, Processing methods, Design and fabrication of a single sided PCB for a simple circuit with manual etching (Ferric chloride) and drilling.]

7. Assembling of electronic circuit/system on general purpose PCB, test and show the functioning (Any Two circuits).

1. Fixed voltage power supply with transformer, rectifier diode, capacitor filter, zener/IC regulator.

2. Square wave generation using IC 555 timer in IC base.

3. Sine wave generation using IC 741 OP-AMP in IC base.

4. RC coupled amplifier with transistor BC107.

1. Multimeter
2. Function generator
3. Power supply
4. Digital storage oscilloscope
5. Hot air soldering and desoldering station
6. Drilling machine

Faculty In-charge

Prof. Amal S Kannan

Custodian of the lab

Sindhu Payari