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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Microprocessor & Microcontroller Laboratory

Students are introduced to microprocessors and microcontrollers in this laboratory and they learn how to do assembly language programming required for microprocessors. Various experiments with 8086 Microprocessor and 8051 Microcontroller, interfacing them with stepper motor, ADC, DAC etc. are carried out in this laboratory.

It also has the facility to train the students with macro assembler (MASM/ TASM).

Location : Main Block
Room No : ME-013
Area : 102m2

8051 Microcontroller Kits
8086 Microprocessor Kits
ADC Converter
DAC Convertor
Universal PIC Programmar
Air Conditioner
Desktop Computers
Xerox Machine
1. Familiarization of 8086 kit
2. Basic arithmetic and logical operations.
3. Addition and Subtraction of Binary and unpacked BCD numbers.
4. Double precision multiplication.
5. Sorting algorithms.
6. Searching algorithms.
7. Serial communication between two kits.
8. Interfacing with PCs.
9. Stepper motor control using 8086 microprocessor.
10. Familiarization of 8051 microcontroller kit.
11.Stepper motor control using 8051 microcontroller.

Faculty In-charge

Prof. Ramanand A. C.

Custodian of the lab

Sindhu C.