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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Advanced Communication & Signal Processing Laboratory

.The lab is mainly meant for PG students to do the experiments based on advanced communication and signal processing. It is also used by the final year UG students for doing the experiments related to their project work.

The lab is equipped with 32 desktop computers, one work station, one server computer, DSP kits (both fixed point and floating point), 250 MHz DSO, one signal analyser etc. Computational software like Matlab, ANSYS HFSS, Mathematica etc. are also installed in this lab.

Location : Main Block
Room No : MB-016
Area : 92m2

1. Desktop Computers
2. Workstation
3. Server
4. Signal Analyser
5. Digital Storage Oscilloscope
6. DSP Starter Kits
7. Laser Printer
8. UPS -10 KVA
9. DSLR Camera
10. LCD T V
11. Multimedia Projector
12. P.A. System
13. Air Conditioner
1. Review of MATLAB Programming Practice
2. Low-pass FIR filter using Hamming Window
3. High-pass FIR filter using Hamming Window
4. Low-pass IIR filter using Butterworth Approximation
5. High-pass IIR filter using Butterworth Approximation
6. Convolution and Correlation of sequences
7. Laplace Transform and Z-Transform using Symbolic Toolbox
8. Normal Density Estimation
9. Wiener Filter for 1-D Signals
10. Two Channel Quadrature Mirror Filter Bank
11. Wiener Filter for Images with Defocus Blur
12. Wiener Filter for Images with Motion Blur

Faculty In-charge

Dr. A. Ranjith Ram

Custodian of the lab

Nijil Moanoharan