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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Mini Fab Lab

The Digital Fabrication Lab started in the year 2016 with the help of Startup Mission, Kerala through KTU. Main Fab Lab belongs to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) which supports a digital fabrication facility and global network of field fab labs. All the machines installed are imported from USA. Located in c- block building, GCE, Kannur

1. CNC Milling Machine
2. CO2 Mini Laser cutting & engraver machine
3. 3D Printer
4. Vinyl Plotter/ Sticker Cutter
5. Sandblaster
1. Familiarization of FabLab for GCEK students from 13/02/2018 to 20/03/2018.
2. Training programme for Kendriya Vidyalaya students on 22/12/2018.
3. Project designing related to Enfono Club on 06/07/2018.
4. Project work on 3D printing and acrylic cutting for Robocek Club on 13/07/2018. 5. Three days hands
on workshop have arranged for Faculty and supportive staff of all departments of GCEK with the support of TEQIP III from 06/08/2018.
6. CERD project work on Acrylic cutting and 3D printing from 05/09/2018.
7. TEDx Technical Exhibition work designing project with Acrylic and Vinyl cutter work from 15/10/2018 onwards.
8. Hands-on Training conducted for Technical High Neruvambram students on 17/11/2018.
9. Hands-on Training conducted for students from Science park on 12/12/2018
10. Xplorer 19 Technical Exhibition work from 06/02/2019 to 20/02/2019.
11. Basic workshop on various machines used in Fab lab for students of Trichambalam UP School on 22/02/2019 where 82 students participated.
12. Basic Fab lab workshop for students of GHS Pacheni on 23/02/2019 where 140 students participated
13. Basic Fab lab workshop for students of Kuttikkol South LP School on 24/02/2019 where 89 students participated.
14. Covid 19 related project work with robotic arm done on 12/06/2020.
15. As a part of current Kerala Government 1st Year Anniversary celebration exhibition conducted at Kannur from 03/04/2022 to 12/04/2022
15. Training program conducted for Govt. Polytechnic Students, Trikkaripur on 10/06/2022.

Faculty In-charge

Prof. Arjun Prabhudas

Custodian of the lab

Santhosh T.