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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Simulation and Computation Laboratory

This laboratory aims at developing the programming skills of students. Computer programming based experiments include those with C programming and those with specialized software like Matlab, VHDL, PSPICE etc. The laboratory is equipped with 30 desktop computers and the related accessories like printer, scanner, multimedia projector etc. Students develop their computer proficiency using the various technical computing and simulation software installed in the lab.

It also offers internet facility to the students and staff of the department for acquainting them with latest techno-logical trends and developments..

Location : Main Block
Room No : ME-012
Area : 102m2

Desktop Computers -35 Nos.
Printers- 2 Nos.
Scanner-1 No.
Projector-1 No.
1. Fundamental operation –Convolution, Modulation ect
2. Digital Filter –IIR
3. Digital Filter-FIR
4. Up-sampling and down sampling operation in time domain and frequency domain
5. Implementation of FET algorithm
6. Mean Square error estimation of a signals
7. Huffman coding and decoding
8. Implementation of LMS algorithm
9. Time delay estimation using correlation function
10. Comparison of effect in a dispersive channel for BPSK, QPSK and MSK
11. Study of eye diagram of PAM transmission system
12. Generation of QAM signal and constellation graph.

ECE 2K6EC 508 (p): Computer Programming Lab
1. C Programming-HCF (Eucllid’s algorithm) and LCM of given numbers
2. Conversion of numbers from binary to decimal, octal and back
3. Generation of Prime Series and Fibonacci Series
4. Evaluation of functions like ex, sinx, cosx etc for a given numerical precision using Taylor’s series
5. String manipulation programs : sub string search, deletion
6. C programming –Matrix Operation: Programs to find the product of two matrices
7. Inverse and determinant (using recursion) of given matrix
8. Solution to simultaneous linear equations using Jordan elimination
9. Files:Use of files for stroing records with provision for insertion
10. Deletion, search, sort and update of a record pointers
11. Using Arrays, Linked list, Stacks, Queues
12. JAVA-String handling programs, Implementation of Inheritance of Inheritance, Polymorphism, Overriding and exceptions
13. JAVA- Input/output file Operations, Applet and Graphic Programming

Faculty In-charge

Prof. Sajeev K. Jose

Custodian of the lab

Bindhu K.