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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronic Circuits Laboratory

This is the basic core laboratory, through which a student learn to do experiments with simple electronic devices and circuits.

This lab emphasises on instilling in the students, the skills of designing and developing a wide range of electronic circuits using modern testing and measuring instruments like CRO, function generators, digital multi meters, LCR meters etc. Electronic circuits and systems such as rectifiers, filters, amplifiers, oscillators, are analysed in this laboratory

Location : C Block
Room No : CB-06
Area : 98m2

Function Generator
Power Supply
Digital Multimeter
Desktop computer
Inductance Box
LCR meter
1. VI Characteristics of rectifier and zener diodes
2. RC integrating and differentiating circuits
3. Clipping and clamping circuits
4. Fullwave Rectifier -with and without filter- ripple factor and regulation
5. Simple Zener voltage regulator (load and line regulation)
6. Characteristics of BJT in CE configuration and evaluation of parameters
7. Characteristics of MOSFET in CS configuration and evaluation of parameters
8. RC coupled CE amplifier - frequency response characteristics
9. MOSFET amplifier (CS) - frequency response characteristics
10. Cascade amplifier – gain and frequency response
11. Cascode amplifier -frequency response
12. Feedback amplifiers (current series, voltage series) - gain and frequency response
13. Low frequency oscillators –RC phaseshift, Wien bridge
14. High frequency oscillators –Colpitt’s and Hartley
15. Power amplifiers (transformer less) - Class B and Class AB
16. Transistor series voltage regulator (load and line regulation)
17. Tuned amplifier - frequency response
18. Bootstrap sweep circuit
19. Multivibrators -Astable, Monostable and Bistable
20. Schmitt trigger

Faculty In-charge

Prof. Laseena C.A

Custodian of the lab

Tharesh K. P.