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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering


Sl.No. Publication No. Inventors Year Title Application No.
1 WO 2012032537 A2 A. Ranjith Ram & S. Chaudhuri 2012 A method and system for providing a content adaptive and legibility retentive display of a lecture on a miniature video device PCT/IN2011/000597
2 US 8345990 B2 A. Ranjith Ram & S. Chaudhuri 2013 System for creating a capsule representation of an instructional video 1778/MUM/2009,US 12/627,408
3 US 8515258 B2 A. Ranjith Ram, Trupti Narendra & S. Chaudhuri 2013 A device and method for automatically re-creating a content preserving and compression efficient lecture video No. US 13/202,471