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Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Communication Engineering Laboratory

This laboratory introduces students to the field of Communication Engineering with sophisticated instruments like AF/RF generators, higher bandwidth oscilloscopes, DSO, frequency counters etc. Both the analog and digital communication based experiments listed in this laboratory.
Students acquire practical knowledge in setting up modulators like AM and FM and also the respective demodulators. Various other experiments carried out in this laboratory include TDM, ASK, PSK, PAM, PPM and PLL.

Location : C Block
Room No : CB-12
Area : 98m2

Spectrum analyser
Arbitary Function Generator
Function Generator/Counter
Function Generator
Power Supply
Analog IC Tester
Digital IC Tester
Digital/Analog Trainer Kit
Microwave bench
1. Familiarization of Operational amplifiers
2. Measurement of Op-Amp parameters.
3. Difference Amplifier and Instrumentation amplifier.
4. Schmitt trigger circuit using Op –Amps.
5. Astable and Monostable multivibrator using Op -Amps.
6. Timer IC NE555
7. Triangular and square wave generators using Op- Amps.
8. Wien bridge oscillator using Op-Amp - without & with amplitude stabilization.
9. RC Phase shift Oscillator.
10. Precision rectifiers using Op-Amp.
11. Active second order filters using Op-Amp (LPF, HPF, BPF and BSF).
12. Notch filters to eliminate the 50Hz power line frequency.
13. IC voltage regulators.
14. A/D converters- counter ramp and flash type.
15. D/A Converters- ladder circuit.
16. Study of PLL IC: free running frequency lock range capture range

Faculty In-charge

Prof. Hareesh K.

Custodian of the lab

Bilal T.