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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Production Engineering Lab

The production Engineering Lab of the department provides the necessary exposure to the different machining processes. The facilities available here include various types of lathes, shaping, grinding, planning, slotting, and milling machines. Different short-term courses are organised on the various machining processes.


Jose M. J.

Technical staff

Pramodan T.P.
Bariam Shaji A.R.
Shajeesh K.
Shaji K.C.

Centre Lathes
Horizontal Milling Machines
Vertical Milling machines
Drilling Machine
Grinding Machine
Cylindrical grinding machine
Slotting machine
Shaping machines
Power hacksaw

Production Engineering Lab-I

Simple turning
Taper turning
Thread cutting

Production Engineering Lab-Ii

Multi start thread
Square thread
Eccentric turning
Exercise on limits and fits
Internal thread
Spur gear
Helical gear by simple and differential indexing
Surface, slot and key way milling
Shaper exercise: v-groove, slot and guide ways
Tool grinding