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Department of Mechanical Engineering


1.STTP ON MODELING ENGINEERING PROBLEMS USING FEM (ABAQUS SOFTWEARE) FROM 22-24 December 2016, Coordinated by Dr. Vineesh K P and Prof. Nishanth K.

2. Short Term Training Programme on 3D Printing and CNC Programming, 13 – 17 December 2016, Coordinated by Prof. Ajayakumar N and Prof. Priyak N K

3.Short Term Training Programme on LabVIEW for Vibration and Image Processing , 14-16 November 2016. Coordinated by Dr. Sudheesh Kumar CP

4. Shor Term Training Programme on Statistical Tools for Research in Engineering and Management, 01- 05 February 2016, Coodinated by Prof. Madhu V V and Dr. Abdul Nazar K P