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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Instrumentation Lab

It provides an introduction to instrumentation engineering with the focus on areas of industrial calibration, psychrometry etc. It also has various equipment’s like ultra-sonic flow detector, sound level meter, optical profile projector, which are widely used in industries all over the world. It is also equipped with devices to analyse the exhaust gas of vehicles. It undertakes the calibration of pressure gauges.


Sailesh R.

Technical staff

Prajeesh A.
Aneesh A.K.
Sujith C.M.

Sound Level Meter
Optical Profile Projector
Resistance Thermometer
Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT)
Pressure calibrator

Statistical analysis of data
Calibration of micrometer and vernier caliper
Calibration of bourdon tube pressure gauge
Calibration of thermocouple
Calibration of LVDT
Measurement of area using planimeter
Measurement using optical profile projector
Preparation of psychrometric chart
Measurement of sound
Flaw detection using USFD