The Govt. College of Engineering Kannur (GCEK) is committed to the provide and maintain safe and healthy environment for its faculty, staff, students, visitors, and the general public.Each faculty, staff, and student member is responsible for complying with the applicable provisions of environmental health and safety standards and regulations promulgated by regulatory agencies whose codes and standards will be utilized in conducting institute operations and is also responsible and accountable for EHS performance and its protection as outlined in the EHS manual.


      The heads of departments, laboratory in-charges, principal investigators, workshop superintendent, 1st grade instructors, etc., are responsible for the environmental health and safety of faculty, staff, students, and visitors engaged in activities under their direction or supervision. They must ensure that faculty, staff, students, and subordinates comply with all relevant regulations and standards and that work activities are performed in a safe and considerate manner.
      Faculty, staff and students are responsible for the following:
      1) Performing their jobs in the safest prescribed manner
      2) Eliminating and/or reporting workplace hazards
      3) Reporting accidents, incidents, and unsafe practices or conditions to the Head of Department
      4) Ensuring proper disposal of or transfer of alt hazardous materials before leaving the institute

      5) The instructor is the key to maintain a positive safety attitude in the laboratory. The best practice is to encourage laboratory safety without creating a fearful climate. The following points will support an instructor for a safe and successful delivery of laboratory exercises.

      6) Know the safety procedures, potential hazards and precautions for each experiment before teaching or conducting a laboratory exercise.

      7) Know the location and operation of emergency equipment, what emergency procedures are appropriate and how to summon assistance if needed.

      8) Understand the chemical hazards and precautions specified in the pertinent Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Explain each experiment and alert others to possible hazards before they begin the laboratory exercise Foster a serious attitude toward lab content and safety. Supervise students closely while encouraging respect for safety.


      • Faculty in Charge: Bijesh R (Mechanical Engg. Dept., 9539144860)
      • Faculty (Electrical Engg. Dept.): Mr.Divyalal R K (9496291353)
      • Faculty (Civil Engg. Dept.): Mr.Saji K P (9387021080)
      • Faculty (Mechanical Engg. Dept.): Mr.Priyak N K(9495744282)
      • Hostel Warden : Mr. Syamnath K (9895041241)
      • Sergeant, GCEK: Mr. Rajan P (9656514190)
      • AA GCEK: Mrs. Mr.C.O.K.Noorudhin (9846444743

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