Placement 2018-19

      GCEK 2019 batch of students has achieved a record number of 171 offers till date, from various companies during the year 2018-19 with many recruitment drive results to be announced. CE-3, ME-22, EEE-30, ECE-59, CSE-52, MTech-5. Major recruiting companies among the 24 companies which recruited our students are Think and learn, South Indian Bank, IQVIA, Infosys, TCS, Wirpo, Cognizant, Maxlinear, Mitsogo, Quest and Qburst

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      List of students of Government College of Engineering Kannur placed in the year 2018-19     
      Candidate NameHighest QualificationSpecialisationCompany 1Package
      AswanthB. TechCEByjus App10 Lakhs/Annum
      Neeraj P KB. TechCESouth Indian Bank 8.1 lakhs/annum
      Anju PB. TechCSEMitsogo (Product Consultant)5 lakhs/annum
      Nandana VinodB. TechCSESouth Indian Bank8.1 lakhs/annum
      Atthri AnandB. TechECEByjus App10 Lakhs/Annum
      SAHAD IBN M BASHEERB. TechEEEByjus App10 Lakhs/Annum
      Rahul AB. TechEEEByjus App10 Lakhs/Annum
      MervinB. TechMESouth Indian Bankp8.1 Lakhs/Annum
      Bibin George babyB. TechMEByjus App10 Lakhs/Annum
      Aswin P KB. TechMEValued Epistemics5.4 Lakhs/annum
      Neeraja P KB. TechEEEValued Epistemics5.4 Lakhs/annum
      Sipin C PB. TechCSEValued Epistemics5.4 Lakhs/annum