Programme Details

Objectives of the Programme

To expose the faculty to different areas of practical networking like, ● Design and implementation of a practical network. ● Install, configure and operate routers and switches. ● Troubleshoot medium scale networks comprising of Cisco equipment. ● Working with wide area networks (WAN) and having knowledge of WAN concepts and terminologies. ● Implementing and verifying connections between remote sites existing in a Wide Area Network. ● Mitigate basic security threats faced by a network.

Topics to be covered

The training will consists of hands-on practical sessions on the following areas: DAY 1 ● Fundamentals of Networking ● IPv4 ● Subnetting DAY 2 ● Basic Configuration of Router ● Security in Router ● Static Routing ● Default Routing DAY 3 ● Dynamic Routing ● Routing Protocols DAY 4 ● Configuration of Switch ● Vlan ● Spanning Tree Protocol ● Inter VLAN DAY 5 ● Introduction to IPV6 ● IPV6 router configuration ● IPV6 routing protocols

Resource Persons

Resource persons are drawn from academia as well as industries that have several years of experience in the area.

Number of Seats

The number of seats is limited 30 and registrationis on a first come, first served basis

Certificate of Participation
Certificate of participation will be issued by Govt. College Of Engineering Kannur to the participants those who are actively participating in all the training sessions.