FOSS 16 - 20 January 2017- short term training program

FOSS in Engineering Education

To use free software is to make a political and ethical choice asserting the right to learn, and share what we learn with others. Free software has become the foundation of a learning society where we share our knowledge in a way that others can build upon and enjoy.

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) programs are those that have licenses that allow users to freely run the program for any purpose, modify the program as they want, and also to freely distribute copies of either the original version or their own modified version. In combination with the open license, this simplifies the development process for many enterprises and gives them flexibility that simply isn’t available within the confines of a proprietary or commercial product.

Recently we have seen that FOSS lab being included by KTU in its curriculum mainly because of its cost-effectiveness, stability, reliability, flexibility and the freedom to modify it. Apart from this jobs are also on the rise. The FOSS Lab syllabus has been framed to provide a hands-on training in the implementation of different FOSS tools which can be used for day to day tasks. Upon completion of this course, the participants will be well positioned to successfully manage Linux based systems for research and development..

  • Working lunch, Tea and snacks will be provided for all participants during the days of the workshop. TA will be provided as per Govt. norms to faculty and staff from Govt. / Govt. Aided institutions. Accommodation can be arranged on request..
  • No Course Fee
  • 5 Days [January 16 to 20, 2017].

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Last date of receiving application 11th January 2017

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