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About the Course

The course focuses to equip the participants in different areas of control applications such as Robotics, Aerospace, Power Electronic systems etc. The course also aims in enhancing the knowledge of independent researchers in academic institutions and other R&D organizations.

Course contents

• Signals and Transforms
• Overview of Robust Control
• Robotics and Control
• Optimal Control for Aerospace Applications
• Fractional order systems and control
• Controllers for Power Electronic Systems

Course Outcomes

After successful completion of the course every participant is expected to achieve the following outcomes
 Understand the fundamental characteristics of signals and transforms
 Identify the recent advances and applications of robust control design
 Understand the theoretical and implementational challenges in building robots
 Obtain an overview of control design techniques from optimal control theory with emphasis on aerospace applications
 Basic understanding of derivatives or integrals of fractional order and get hands on experience for fractional order control using MATLAB
 Understand the design of controllers for applications in power elctronics using MATLAB

Resource persons

1. Prof. Radhakrishnan Kammath, Retd. Joint Director, DTE, Kerala

2. Prof. Abraham T Mathew, EED, NIT Calicut

3. Dr. U. P. Rajeev, Head, Guidance Design Division, VSSC

4. Mr. Rejin N.S., CEO, Ingen Robotics, Thiruvananthapuram

5. Dr. Vishwesh Vyavahare, Head, EEED, Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology, Mumbai

6. Dr. Dhanasree Vyavahare, Scientific Officer, Electrical Design Group, Nuclear Power Corporation of India, Mumbai.

Programme Schedule

Will be updated soon