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Stress is a prevalent and costly problem in today's work place.About one- third of workers report high levels of stress. Stress-related disorders encompass a broad array of conditions,including psychological disorders and other types of emotionalstrain, maladaptive behaviors and cognitive impairment.Inturn,these conditions may lead to poor work performance, higher absenteeism,less work productivity or even injury.Consistently high levels of stress increase the risk of occupational injury.This is why it is good to know what stressesus and how we can escape stress.

Resource persons

1. Dr.Suresh Kutty
2. Sr.Dr.Treesa
3. Dr.Anil.R
4. Dr.N.Vijayaraghavan
5. Mr.Sasikumar.M.V
6. Dr.Efthikar Ahmed
7. Dr.A.K.Venugopalan
8. Mr.SudasKannoth
9. Mr.V.Krishnakumar